Discard all documents in pipeline

At the very end of a pipeline I would like to update a single row in a logging table. I’m going to do that in an Execute Task snap, but the problem I’m having is that it wants to run the child snap 20k times instead of simply running a single update statement. Is it possible to clear all documents from a flow or to go from 20k documents to a single document in a single snap?


Just added in this February release is the ‘Gate’ snap, part of the flow snap pack. This snap will wait for all upstream snaps to finish, meanwhile it will collect all the input docs into a single document, and will eventually send the single document downstream once all upstream snaps have finished.

Here is a link to the documentation for this new snap:

Yes! This is exactly what I need! When does the February release come out?

It is already out as of February 8th. Just make sure your snap plex is upgraded to the new release, which if it is not would prevent the the most up recent snap packs to appear, and once done you should see the Gate snap in the flow snap pack.

Probably a question for support more than you, but we’re using CloudPlex and I’m not seeing that snap in the list of flow snaps. Anything I can do to verify we’re on the latest and greatest?

If you go into the Dashboard, and look into the Health Tab you will see Snaplex Health. If you click on the Snaplex you are using you will see the available nodes. Check to make sure all nodes are on version: ‘4.20 GA’ and that there are no node alerts saying that The current Snaplex version is deprecated. They should have green checkmarks and not orange exclamation points

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And if your company has more than one Snaplex, they all need to be updated.

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OK. My snaplex is running 4.19. I don’t see an “Upgrade Now” option. Do I just simply restart the Snaplex or node? I searched the documentation and I’m not seeing anything in there about this.

This is done in Manager.
Find the Snaplex in the project folder, click on the name, then on the Update tab, select the version.

I just tried the Gate snap and it’s exactly what I needed! Thanks for your help!