Does NS Search Snap takes the date paramter as the criteria along with the saved search id?


We have a requirement for which we need to get the data using the NS Saved search. We have the savedSearchScriptId with us and we are passing this id to the NS Search Snap. We have enabled body fields, advanced fields and etc.

The NS Search Snap is working as expected and producing the output as expected. Say for example, we have got 348 records when we run the NS Search pipeline. But out of there 348 reocrds we need only the records that are modified recently.

So is there any way that I can pass the date parameter along with the search id to the NS Search snap so that the Snap takes the date and search id as the input parameters and produces the output that is matching the date parameter?

This is kind of having a WHERE condition on the saved search.

Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

You can modify the advanced search criteria in the NetSuite UI to include a constraint on the Last Modified date. They have a bunch of date predicates like “last month”, “four days ago”, etc, which don’t require passing in another date to compare to.

Thanks for the quick update Ptaylor.

But we wanted to use this date as incremental logic on the daily basis. We wanted to take the date parameter from the table and wanted to pass it along with the search snap.

so wanted to verify if there is any possibility to pass the date parameter to the NS Search snap.


I’m pretty sure an advanced search doesn’t allow any parameters. But you can do a non-advanced search to do what you want.