Does snaplogic supports internal messaging systems

Hi Team,

I am trying to do a migration from WebMethods to snaplogic. In Webmethods it has used internal universal messaging queues for any storing any data.

Does snaplogic has internal queues to support this functionality or we have to use any external MQ series like IBM MQ, Active MQ etc?


SnapLogic provides a transient file system, access to the local file system, as well as supporting a wide variety of messaging applications (JMS, RabbitMQ) and streaming event technologies (AWS SQS, Kafka) from which you may choose. Depending on how much you are in the cloud, on-premises and what you have available you can select the right technology for your use case.

Ok so you mean we can use internal file system to store messages. But snaplogic doesn’t support any internal messaging queues , for that we have to use other external queue through Kafka, Rabbit MQ or Active MQ?

That is correct, SnapLogic does not provide an internal messaging queue system, we support various of those through JMS, or native Snap Packs for other protocols.