Dynamic Binary Basic Auth Accounts?

Similar to some of the other “dynamic” type of accounts, is there a way to implement a dynamic binary basic auth account? I have a need to send files to partners via file transfer protocols like SFTP, but where the credentials need to be stored and pulled from an internal IAM system. Assuming I can handle that part in an upstream snap, how can I then use those credentials in a File Writer (etc) type of snap? Thoughts?

I believe the Binary Basic Auth account’s username/password properties are already expression-enabled. So, you should be able to make them expressions and use a pipeline parameter to set their values dynamically.

Oh, you’re right. Thanks Tim!

What about REST Basic Auth? Not seeing expressions enabled there. Might be able to not use an account and pass a constructed auth header in the request instead I suppose.

Looks like that was missed, I’ve filed a feature request.