Dynamic DB Account Use Cases

What are the use cases of dynamic database accounts if we can’t use pipeline parameters or fields in the input document to specify the host name, port number, database name, user name or password?

For a dynamic account, you can use pipeline parameters (though not fields in the document). When you create a dynamic account (take from MySQL):

You can toggle those fields with = into expressions and insert the name of the _pipelineParam that you want the field to be filled from.

Is that what you were looking for?



Yes, thanks! Not sure what I was doing wrong when dynamic accounts first came out but I just tried the param again and it worked. That’s good enough!

What others have done is read these properties from a file or database and call the child pipelines passing these parameters through pipeline execute.

Hope that makes sense.

Yes, that’s what I plan on doing now that I know params can be used. Thanks.

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A suggestion would be to make the documentation clarify that pipeline parameters but not document fields can be used for the expressions on dynamic accounts since the pipeline parameters do not appear in the expression drop-downs.

Thanks, that’s a good suggestion, will pass it along to the docs team.


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