Dynamic table structure

I used following snaps to extract data from SQL server and load it data into Oracle database.The requirement is that the no. of columns in the source table keep changes, what settings to be done in mapper snap to handle the dynamic column no. change?
Please suggest if this can be done by using any other snaps too.

can someone please shed some light on my query @dmiller

Do the columns have the same names? How is the mapper configured?

@cstewart the column names remain same but number of columns changes. Need help to configure the mapper accordingly.

Sounds like what you’re looking for here is schema change detection and we have a blog article on that (video and link to download pipelines at the bottom of the blog post). That demo shows how to alert on the schema change detection, so you would need to customize the pipeline so you could run ALTER TABLE statements to add/remove columns appropriately after the Diff snap.

@rsramkoski Below is my requirement, Whatever the columns present in the source table has to loaded to target table. what snaps to be used to connect source and target to get the solution ?

Capture 4

@Siva_Venna For a first-time creation of the table, you can use an Oracle Select snap with the second view exposed attached to an Oracle Insert with the second input exposed, like this:


Your original post also mentioned that the schema could keep changing and for that you should review the blog post I linked in my previous reply. At the end of that blog post is a link to watch a video explaining how you can detect schema changes and a link to download the pipelines into your org so you can follow the logic, then customize it to suit your needs.

Or maybe you can use a combination of CSV formatter and CSV parser so that column names will be written…