Enable editing of expression library file

When designing pipelines we have environment specific parameters (Dev, Test, Prod) in expression libraries. This renders our pipeline development independent of having to alter pipeline parameters or tasks between environments and deploys.

However, the managing of the expression library files are a bit tedious. The file has to be downloaded, edited and uploaded again.

It would be awesome to enable editing of the content of expression library file in the preview window.
Example mockup:

Of course having environment variables in a more accessible and standardised way would be the ideal solution, such as a new entity in SL manager, there could be an environment variables section in the projects as well as having the possibility to access shared env vars.

Hi @JKarlsson

I just wanted to acknowledge your request. I also think this would be awesome, as do others. I reached our to the “expression library” team, and there are already a couple feature tickets logged regarding improving the file editing experience in SnapLogic. I also forwarded them a link to this post.

I’m not aware that any of this work is pinned to a future release yet, however, this feature would definitely add value and priorities change.

So, if you don’t hear anything more about this, feel free to ping this thread, “is it done yet?”

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