Error in expression

Hi All,

Can you please help me understand why I am getting the below errors while using the below expression?

Expression -
eval(“lib.environment.getAppConf(‘OracleEBS’).” + lib.parameters.getAppConf(‘parameters’).EBS_Instance + “.srcDB”)

Error -


“Unexpected error occurred while evaluating expression: lib.environment.getAppConf(‘OracleEBS’).FNDV.srcDB”


“Please check your expression”


“Please check your expression”

Hi @amit.saroha,

Try instead of eval function to do it with square brackets.
I think that will work.

Like this:



@viktor_n - Thank you, it worked but what I should do if I have to fetch value for any specific DB?

Can you explain it a little bit more what you want to achieve

Hi Victor,

Enclosed are the expression files. What I want is to retrieve 4 values (say to pass in child pipelines or in some mapper) and I am trying to do it as below but my expressions are failing. You already helped me to correct one of them.

What I want is that if I am in Dev then the expression must return dev configuration values and when in prod then prod values.

I would truly appreciate if you can help me doing so.

  1. Database_Account

  2. Oracle_Cloud_Soap_Account

  3. HCM_Flow_Service_WSDL

  4. Generic_Soap_WSDL

  5. eval(“lib.environment.getAppConf(‘OracleEBS’).” + lib.parameters.getAppConf(‘parameters’).EBS_Instance + “.srcDB”)

  6. eval(“lib.environment.getAppConf(‘HCMCloud’).” + (lib.parameters.getAppConf(‘parameters’).HCM_Cloud_Instance) + “.Soap_Account”)

  7. eval(“lib.environment.getAppConf(‘HCMCloud’).”+ (lib.parameters.getAppConf(‘parameters’).HCM_Cloud_Instance) +".URL") + lib.parameters.getAppConf(‘parameters’).HCM_Flow_Service_WSDL_URL

  8. eval(“lib.environment.getAppConf(‘HCMCloud’).”+ (lib.parameters.getAppConf(‘parameters’).HCM_Cloud_Instance) +".URL") + lib.parameters.getAppConf(‘parameters’).Generic_Soap_WSDL_URL

HCM_Interface_config.expr (1.3 KB)
HCM_Interface_Processes.expr (695 Bytes)
config.expr (3.6 KB)

@viktor_n - Could you please help me here?