Error In File Operations Snap

Regarding ClassCastException with File Operation Snap, “$original” in the Source property is invalid because the value of $original is a map data not string.

It should point at the source file path.


Thanks for reply.

I tried using SFTP Path but still i cant get output view of File writter? please see attached image

Left is file reader output and right is file writter snap file wtith SFTP file path.
Can yuo please help me out ?


Move files to send folder i am using Source file location but still file is not moving. ?

It appears that you did not select “Validate & Execute” at the bottom of File Writer Snap.


i have set Valid & execute on file writter snap but still not getting any ouput .

please see image below for file writter snap

In that case, the input binary data has zero byte. You need to select the boolean property “Write empty file” in the File Writer Snap.

Thanks its working now. thanks for all your help. i didnt notice at all that file which i was writting was an empty file.