Error message in SMB write: 'can't encode character u'\\u2018' in position 23: ordinal not in range'

I have a File Writer Snap that needs to be able to write to a network smb drive. Since the network drive’s operating system software is a bit out of date, I’ve also been told to try the ‘cifs’ command.
This is what I have in the File Write:
‘smb:\\PR_Shared\JPMORGAN eft\someFileName.txt’

In the File Reader snap I have this:

I’m making sure both file names match in the Read and Write snaps.

I run the pipeline and write the file to our GroundPlex: I simply put the ‘someFileName.txt’ string in the ‘File*’ box and the file writes.
However, if I user either ‘smb’ or ‘cifs’ the pipeline bombs with this message:

Check for URL syntax and file access permission

Possible reasons can be failure in URL connection or file access denial, detail: Request from null returned an error (response code: 400, response: {“query_string”: “version=1&_sl_ts=1546876399&_sl_ruuid=58c5b7b9-fe14-4577-905a-ff9299d767eb&_sl_authproxy_key=wqVweojSQGLmFATSmLVQz71TyUwFTyNaZreHm5oERd0%3D”, “path”: “/api/1/rest/slfs/lease/BerkleeDev/Workday/HCM/\u2018smb:\\\PR_Shared\JPMORGAN eft\someFileName.txt”, “response_map”: {“error_list”: [{“message”: “‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’\u2018’ in position 23: ordinal not in range(128)”}]}, “http_status”: “”, “http_status_code”: 400})

Why is the error message putting an extra ’ in JPMORGAN eft\someFileName.txt’?

in the File name* box it reads: ‘smb:\\PR_Shared\JPMORGAN eft\someFileName.txt’:

Thank you for any insight.
Vin C.