Error pipeline behaves differently when selecting "Reuse Executions to process documents" for the Pipeline Execute snap in Ultra


We have an ultra pipeline that is invoking a child pipeline (ultra compatible) through a Pipeline Execute snap. Based on the documentation, we checked the “reuse executions” checkbox to improve performance. However, we see a difference in behavior in terms of how errors are handled on the parent ultra pipeline. The Pipeline Execute snap is configured to route to the “error pipeline”. With “reuse” unchecked, any errors from the child pipeline are appropriately caught and sent to the error pipeline as seen in the response. With “reuse” checked, the errors from the child pipeline seem to be sent to the error pipeline, but a “Pipeline did not produce a valid response” message is returned instead. The error pipeline is unchanged, is this perhaps a bug in the Pipeline Execute Snap?

Anybody got a clue?

Yes, this is a bug in the platform. The errors in the child pipeline are going to the child’s error pipeline, but the output of the child’s error pipeline is not being used as the response for the ultra request. A bug has been filed, thank you for bringing this to our attention!