ErrorHandler Pipeline design in case of Ultra

Hi Team,

I am trying to handle errors with ErrorHandler pipe in ultra.
My ultra main pipe has no i/p no o/p design(kafka snap at start and end of pipe), Here to handle errors my errorhadler is having copy snap at first place, 1 o/p of copy snap using to push data in DB and another i am keeping it opened to get async response from error pipe so that it will not wait for sql operation.
But error pipe stopped consuming docs after processing some 1024 odd docs.
As in screenshot i made all 3k doc to fail in test child pipe and send them to error pipe but only 1024 went.

Please suggest how can i get async response from this error pipe.

After reading the community blogs(2379) found that we should not have open o/p view in error pipe except ultra case with one i/p one o/p, that might be reason after some docs in above post it stopped processing further error.

But considering this how we will show the error pipeline data to the caller ?
1)calling a while child pipe by PE and all doc in child went to error pipe from child(error pipe enabled in child), PE will not get any o/p, What to show to client/caller?
Can PE get those child pipe error which went to error pipe?
2)In case of trigger pipe(exposed as rest api) if all error went in error pipe, the caller will get nothing.

Please suggest how to get the errors back in main flow and return it to caller.