Exception handling best practice

Query regarding Error / Exception handling : like we have it in the typical ESB system, for error handling. If the error occurred at say 5th step then it would roll back and end up at the 1st step where we generally handle them.

However it does not seem to be same in SnapLogic. Hence we need to have error handling at each step?


Hi Krupali,

SnapLogic doesn’t have scope (try/catch) to wrap your workflow and handle error at one place. However if you want to avoid having error handling on each snap you can have parent and child pipeline design. Where you can just receive message in your parent pipeline and perform all other operations in child pipeline. In this case you can just add error handling to your parent pipeline snap which will catch all exception from your child pipeline. Hope this helps.

Thanks Prasad,

I understood what you mean and did even try the same.
However in this design, we end up having too many calls to the exception handling pipeline and which adds a lot of overhead, hence was trying to figure out if we have another way to handle such scenario.