Execute different pipeline depends on condition

I’m trying to build a pipeline to execute 2 different pipelines depend on their conditions.
There is Conditional snap, but that only allows to executed within the same pipeline.
Do you know how I can do this?
Thank you

@yes1819 You can use router snap and write you condition there. If you have more than two condition, then go to view tab of router and add output view as much you need.

I’m assuming that you’re interested in having your pipeline evaluate an incoming document and based on the result execute another pipeline.

You can follow Supratim suggestion and include a router with two outputs, each executing a “Pipeline Execute” snap.

Another option is to use a Mapper or a Conditional snap to evaluate the document, assign a value where the value is the Pipeline name you’re interested in executing and then connect the “Pipeline Execute” snap with the pipeline name as a parameter. This makes the pipeline more dynamic and slimmer.