Export & Import Public API availabe or not?

Hi Team,

Is there a way we can export and import pipeline from any public IP from curl command or any cli .??

If available can you please share and if not is there any road map for that ??

Following are the Public APIs available and also the auth mechanism is shared…


If it is for migration we see the below. …

@Thanks Vamsi
So I have already gone through the pipeline API and cant find the export/import API.
In 4.28 does that in include the integration with Azure DevOps for Ci/CD??

There is an API to migrate a project, but not individual pipelines. The reasoning being that generally most pipelines contain references to accounts, tasks, etc, which are contained via projects and project spaces, so it makes sense to migrate the entire project as a bundle. Let me know if you have additional questions about the API and I’ll try and help out.

In terms of the features coming in 4.28, these new APIs are designed to manage the creation, removal, and administration of permissions for a project and/or project space, so not necessarily around individual pipelines either or import/export.

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