Extract in-line image from HTML format email

We are reading emails from a IMAP mail box where ppl sometimes send HTML format email.

Sometimes in the email, ppl contains images as part of html.

For example, here’s what we have got from an email reader

How can I extract the image from the email body and make it as a file?


seems like no solution, right?

Hi ,

I am also facing similar kind of issue, Did you find any solution to fetch images from html?


Yep, they build a custom snap for us. Maybe you can talk to your account manager for the same.

ok, Thanks… In my case i wanted to fetch filenames from html. Below is the response we have got Rest Get snap but unable to filter out only filenames from it.

image.png1756x677 136 KB

Is there any way to extract the only filenames from the above? or go for custom snap as mentioned by you? Any idea on this?


I would say go for that custom snap, it will resolve all those questions you have asked here


I have created a sample pipeline for your questions to get the filenames from an HTML.

Please find the attached pipeline and the file used in the pipeline.

getFileNames_2018_10_30.slp (18.7 KB)
Filenames.txt (1.3 KB)

With 4.15 update - Email reader snap can now read inline images.

glad to hear :slight_smile: