Extracting file names from html

Hi all,

I have a requirement to fetch files from a rest api service (which is http url). The output of rest-get snap is html ,below is the response we have got Rest Get snap but unable to filter out only filenames from it.

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Is there any way to extract the only filenames from the above?


Hi, it’s looking like your rest call return raw data. Can you share your json file /entity ?

HI @Supratim,

Below is the response we are receiving from Rest_Get, entity contains the html content from which we need to extract only filenames .

Rest_Get.txt (964.6 KB)


HI ,

Found solution. splitting the html line by line in mapper and then using json splitter .


Other possible solutions:

  1. maybe a json mediaType can be requested from the web service (e.g., Accept or Content-Type headers)

  2. the html might be processed as XML:

    • map the “entity” field to $[‘content’] and then run through Doc->Bin Snap then XML Parser Snap.

I would prefer #1 over #2 as a lot (most?) of HTML is not well-formed.


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