Failed to execute pipeline


I am getting error while running the child pipeline with larger files.
There is no error with smaller files.
I have a mapper at the starting of child pipeline.
Below is the error:-

Failed to execute pipeline


Snapi request failed: {“response_map”: {“error_list”: [{“message”: “Pipeline runtime create failed.”}]}, “http_status_code”: 500}

Any idea, what could be the rason?

Hi @Sahil . Did you check the Dashboard - Pipeline Execution Runtime Logs to see if there are some more details related to the failure ?

Follow these steps to learn more
In the dashboard, find the instance of the pipeline that failed. Click on the pipeline name in the first column. This will load it into the designer, if the pipeline has been altered since it ran, you may see a warning, that is expected, you are opening up a copy of the pipeline as it ran. Open the pipeline statistics and scroll through the errors at the pipeline or snap level. Also review the extra details for additional information. I suspect it is not at the snap level, but at the pipeline level. Look for time outs and failed connections.