Failing a pipeline that contains data in error view

Hi all,

Is it possible to have a SnapLogic pipeline fail when one of the error views in the pipeline contains data, while still returning the output from the error views.

In the example above, the pipeline contains multiple branches… and the SF Lookup/Upsert snaps have error views which are being Union’ed at the far right. We would like this pipeline to be marked failed if 1+ documents are returned from the union… and also return the error view content…

I tried using the Exit snap and the pipeline fails as intended. However, I’m not sure how to get the error output to be returned by SnapLogic to the caller…


I think you are close to it.

Have 2 unions. 1 error union and 1 success union.

on the error union, have the exit configure like the way you did. It should
work even if the error union has one document through it.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks & Regards,