Feature Request : Add ability to run a scheduled task on demand

It would be really helpful to have a button or something on the details of a scheduled task to run it on demand. We have a number of scheduled tasks (typically scheduled to run during the night), but when our QA team wants to execute them for testing purposes, we’re having to update the task and change the time to run at that current time, or having to modify all the parameters within the pipeline itself and then execute from there. It would be great to be able to click a button and run the task with all of its’ parameters as needed.


You can create triggered tasks separately, for testing purposes, so the QA team can trigger them from external REST client and execute them on demand.

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++ for @stodoroska’s reply - this is basically what we do also.


We have something similar (a pipeline with its own triggered task and the pipeline calls whichever pipelines we have configured), however we don’t really want to have a separate triggered task for every pipeline that would be invoked (and we don’t want the triggered task available in our production org). There’s definitely a workaround, but a manual execution would be a nice-to-have one day.

Elise, this feature request is already in the system, so I added you to the list of requestors for this feature.


As an addendum to this, for the method of having a triggered task along with the scheduled task for testing/one-offs, it would nice to be able to “Copy” an existing task so that the pipeline params (at least) would be easier to set initially.



dmiller, can you also add me to the list of requestor.

Also what the latest on this, haven’t seen any more threads on this.

I have added you to the ticket.
I have asked Product Management to look into it as I am not aware of any updates.