Feature Request: Annotations on the Pipeline Canvas

We have been using the Description on the “Info” tab to document our Snaps and Pipelines. However, it would also be useful to be able to also place annotations on the Pipeline canvas so that we can clearly explain logic which has been designed into certain sections of the Pipeline. These annotations wouldn’t be associated with a specific Snap, and would make our Pipelines much more readable.

We have requested this feature to place annotations on the Pipeline canvas (Service Request #18187).

I’d be keen to hear any thoughts or feedback from the community - is this a feature you would like to see too?

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can you give an example of an annotation?

Here is an example of the types of annotations we might want to add:


This request has come up a couple times.
I’d like to see what others think about it.

Our team would love this feature to help with documenting and communicating logic of the pipeline, especially for more complex pipelines. Currently, we are taking screenshots of sections of the pipeline and explaining each section in our wiki. This is a lot more time consuming, and doesn’t provide context into how that particular piece of logic lines up in the pipeline as a whole.

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Assuming that this would be in addition to the Snap tooltip popups, I can see where this might be useful for more complicated pipelines. If the annotations could be associated with some user draw-able visual boundary as an option, especially.

I agree - this would be a great feature to have. Here’s an example I just pulled from a sample Knime workflow:

Quick question for those who want this feature. Do you want the annotations to be copied and moved with the pipeline? That is what seems to make the most sense but I want to see if there are any differing opinions.

We would want both annotations linked to a Snap (moved / copied with the Snap) and general annotations which are just placed independently on the canvas (these would need to be moved / copied independently). I’d expect all annotations to stay with the Pipeline if it is copied or exported.


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Thanks for the feedback. We will take this to the drawing board and see what can be done. If anybody else has thoughts, please chime in and we will continue collecting ideas and opinions.