Feature Request: Include org name in the subject / body of emails

It would be wonderful if the org name could be included in the subject or body of SnapLogic emails stemming from pipeline events. Currently, you have to select the pipeline listed in the email and then potentially wait for the system to switch orgs, show the pipeline details, etc. It would help to be able to streamline events (Development failures are not as high of a priority Production failures are) and it quickly gives context as to what happened and where. One example is today we shut down one of our nodes so a bunch of pipeline failure emails went out (as expected). However, because there isn’t a way to see that those originated from that particular org, I have to drill into each of those just to verify that another error didn’t happen to come in at the same time.


I have added you to an existing ticket for this request.

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Could we also add the project space and project the pipeline is in? Thanks!

Hi Elise,

If I understand your problem correctly, do you want to add your pipeline org name in the email subject which is fired when a pipeline fails. If this is what you are looking for, you can achieve the same by using this expression in your email ender snap subject parameter:

pipe.label +’ job failed in '+pipe.plexPath.split("/")[1]

pipe.label -> this will give you, your pipeline name
pipe.plexPath.split("/")[1] -> this will give you org name


This is what we’re looking to do, however my request is specific to the automatic emails that are sent when a pipeline would fail/stop, configured through the task itself (rather than a pipeline that is firing off an email explicitly).


To add ideas to this capability, perhaps having customizable notification templates in the org settings for each of the 4 task status phases. The template variables might not only be pipeline properties, but also runtime properties and perhaps some extended properties such as the login user who stopped a pipeline.

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@del There is a story submitted for customizing pipeline email notifications. I’ll add your thoughts to that item.

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SL Community - Do we have any update on this topic ? Is it possible to customize the pipeline email notifications now ?