Feature Request: Snap Pack Release Notes

We’ve found it difficult to find a summary of all the releases for a given Snap Pack and the associated releases notes. At the moment we have to hunt through each of the ‘Snap Path Releases’ pages and collate them (e.g. https://doc.snaplogic.com/wiki/display/SD/4.9+Snap+Patch+Releases, https://doc.snaplogic.com/wiki/display/SD/4.8+Snap+Patch+Releases). Also, looking at the ‘Snap Packs’ page in Manager, it’s not clear when the Snap Pack was released, what Platform Patch it was part of and which releases are cumulative or patches.

We’ve requested that a full set of release notes for each Snap Pack is made available, ideally on the ‘Snap Pack’ page in Manager, so we can choose which release we want to use (Service Request #18188).

I’d be keen to hear any thoughts or feedback from the community - is this a feature you would like to see too?

The consolidation of Snap Pack History on the Snap Pack page is in progress. :slight_smile:
We are consolidating all the notes from the release notes, Snap Pack patch releases, and the Snap Pack version at the time of a Platform release (currently listed here: https://docs-snaplogic.atlassian.net/wiki/display/SD/Snap+Pack+Versions+by+Release).

Take a look at the Snap Pack history for the Binary Snap Pack: https://docs-snaplogic.atlassian.net/wiki/display/SD/Binary+Snap+Pack

Perfect - exactly what we were after! I presume all patches are cumulative? Are they all considered ‘stable’ or do you recommend to stay on the major release version unless a certain fix / feature is required?

The recommendation is to only move to “latest” distribution of a Snap if you encounter any of the bugs that the “latest” distribution has patched.

And yes, patches are cumulative.