Feedback - New SOAP Debug feature (423patches7441)

Hi, I would like to provide some feedback in the new SOAP patch 423patches7441 that provides the new debug output view.

First, thank you very much for this new feature! This is an excellent step forward to address exact or similar issues mentioned in these posts:

I did just start testing this patch today and do have suggestions before it makes a final release:
In the debug output view, I believe there should be some correlation between the SOAP headers/ envelope document and the SOAP output document. The example in the documentation works great for a single document input, but when fed multiple documents in the input view, the correlation is not so evident.

Consider the following example: In my test, I’m sending 3 input documents into a SOAP execute with both the error output and debug output enabled. The 2nd input document causes a SOAP fault because it is an invalid ID for the request. The output of the debug (in collapsed JSON view) is the following:


Since the second input ID created an error document in the error view, the 2nd debug headers/envelope document does not correlate to the error document nor the following document, which is the 3rd input ID’s headers/envelope. With visual inspection, its easily evident, but when you consider hundreds of input documents, it would not be so easy.

In my opinion, the headers/envelope document should be wrapped with the SOAP output (env:Body) document into a single “debug” document. So it would look something like this:


This way, you can be certain of the relating documents.

Secondly, some sort of correlation from the errored documents in the debug output to the related error documents to the error output would be great as well.

Another option to wrap those two ideas together might be a checkbox similar to pass through that would add the “debug” data to each document (similar to “original”) without requiring a separate output view.

Thirdly, please consider similar debug enhancements to other common snaps as well - SQL snap packs would be good targets.

– Del

(Quick Edit: With those ideas in mind, I still prefer the current patch option over no option at all!)

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Thanks for the great feedback, Del. We’re glad you find the new enhancement useful, if less than optimal for some use cases.

You can expect some similar enhancements to other snaps, eventually.

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@del - thank you, those are valid observations. Our team will huddle and discuss an appropriate way forward and I’ll swing back and let you know the plan.