Fetching query from configuration file

Hi All,
I wanted to write query with value from inputstream but fetch the query from the configuration file/ json file which is stored in sldb instead of writing query directly in the snap
for example if consider this statement i am using inside the snap

it should evaluate to this query
SELECT * FROM app_0046_customervoice.rcur_bfo_ACCOUNT WHERE SEACCOUNTID__C IN (‘0001088191’,‘0021088450’));
do i have to escape any character as i am getting syntax error when i am am using it in expression/configuration file
“SE_ACCOUNT_IDs”: “0001088191’,'0021088450”

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @rashmi,

Try to build to build snaplogic expression with double quotes. I think this will do the trick.

But if you want to have something like configuration file then please/check the following logic:

testQuery.expr (133 Bytes)
in .expr file there is already prebuild expression and is expecting one parameter.

I tested with mapper and this is the following output:

More information on the following link:

Pero M.

@rashmi Yuo could simply read in the config file, parse it, and format the data with a mapper, then send that as your Query string


@pmancevski, @jcornelius Thanks a lot!