File Operation - Failure: Failed to move from X to Y


I cannot move or copy the file within snaplogic file folder.
Writing a file works - see below - but move/copy/rename does not.
I suppose not supported? Would be glad, if someone could confirm that useful feature, or point out the mistake.
WIthin SFTP it works fine.


kind regards

@Szymon That’s correct. SLDB protocol is not supported.

Supported file protocols are: local file (file:///), FTP, SFTP, S3, WASB, and WASBS.
File Operation

@siwadon yes, i saw this in the docs. and was afraid of sl not supporting this.
I was just thinking. OK, we can write to local files, so why can’t we move/copy? Maybe it was just poorly documented. Anyways, thank you for confirming.