File Operations

I’m trying to copy files from one folder to another folder in a SFTP server. I have tried using File Operation. But I’m not able to copy all the files present in the folder. Can anyone suggest how should I approach to copy those files.

You will probably want to use a DirectoryBrowser to get the list of files in the directory and then feed that into the FileOperation snap, like so:


The FileOperation snap can then be configured to get the Source from the incoming document (probably $Path in this case).

@tstack I have tried by feeding the files from directory browser to the file operation but its throwing an error “Target already exists”. There are no files in the PurchaseOrders folder.

Try adding a slash “/” at the end of your Target path.

@aleung Still its throwing the same error.

you can also use file poller to poll for a files with specific pattern or use * to browse all files. You may want to also check what is the variable $path is containing so as to verify it does not have same values as that of the target path.

@krupalibshah the target folder was empty, but still error shows the target already exists.