File Reader Snap for Google Storage

Hi All,

Am trying to load a csv file from google drive onto sql server,

Have checked file permissions and account setup correctly on google drive(regular google account).
My question is, can we access google drive and files on the drive through this snap or do I need to create a project and bucket on google cloud storage in order to make this work.
Could you please suggest if there is any better snap pack for his kind of operation.

Thanks in advance!

I believe the Google Storage account is only for Google Storage, not Google Drive.

You can use the REST Snaps to connect to Google Drive. See our blog post: Connecting SaaS providers with SnapLogic’s OAuth-enabled REST Snaps

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You can try REST basic authentication and provide your username, password. Link the basic account which should work.

You can also explore REST api to read/download file from google drive: