File reference unexpectedly blanked out in a file reader snap when migrating a pipeline from one Org to another

We have a pipeline with a file reader snap that resides in a project within a project space (not the shared project). The account reference in the snap is a literal (not an expression) that is a reference to an account in the project space’s shared project.The account is a binary SMB account. The file URL reference in the file reader snap is a literal. (e.g. SMB://…). When exporting the pipeline from one Org and importing it to another Org the file URL reference is blanked out. I looked at the exported .slp file and can see that the file URL reference is present in that file. I read the KB article on how to import a pipeline and the section that talks about how asset references are treated. The file URL referenced in the file reader snap is not a SnapLogic asset. Why is it being blanked out?