File snap pack connections

We are using file reader and writer snaps for one of our integration to connect to SFTP -> FTP servers to move the files and also to archive the files.

We are running into FTP 421 error due to too many connections being open at the same time.

Need to know the behavior of file snap pack’s snaps if they retain the SFTP/FTP connections even after the operation of read/write/delete is completed and be alive until the pipeline is executing?


The connections are closed as soon as the operations of read/write/delete is completed?

Need to get this answered as this is a blocker for us.

Appreciate any help!

Is this still an open issue for you?

We got the below answer from support.

If the pipeline has a ‘File Reader’ snap to read the file and ‘File Operation’ snap to ‘move’ the file then pipeline opens the three ‘FTP/SFTP’ connections.The connection will be open for Pipeline’s lifetime.

A. Three connection - One with File Reader Snap and two (Source and Target) with File Operation Snap.