Filter/Ignore not null values


I am trying to build a pipeline where a series of format operations must be applied to a CSV file. For some columns, I want to delete/remove or simply ignore empty rows from the file. I tried doing this with a mapper/filter but with no success.

What will be the best way of doing this?

Hi @AlexVlad,

Use a mapper with an object filter function. Check below:

$.filter((v,k)=> v != null)

Note that this expression will work on a flat Json structure only.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you @bojanvelevski! Can you do this via a filter snap as well on a column?

@AlexVlad , the Filter snap has Object oriented functionality. Filters out incoming objects based on a certain condition.

The expression I sent is oriented on the structure on each of the incoming objects. Meaning, it will filter out specific fields of the Object, based on a certain condition.

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