Filter the data

Hello Community,

Below is input

I have millions of records like this , I want to filter them based upon one key named as “ID”: and need the data for only the object which have “J.” or “C.” and discard all the rest ID

@swatifunde - The simplest approach is to use a filter snap and put a condition of startsWith either J or C. Snap below:

Would the ID be always in the format of “Letter.(number)(number)(number)(number)”?
If yes, you can use the above-mentioned approach. Also, if you’re expecting ID to be Null/blank and want them to pass, please do select “Null-safe access”.



Or you can also use match… e.g.

sl.ensureArray($ID.match(/J|C/g)).length > 0

Its working as expected, Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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