Filtering Out A List Of Unique Identifiers From Output Document


I have an output document in SnapLogic Designer and I also have an excel file.
I want to remove the records from the output document that match the ID fields in the excel document.

Since it is not a fixed value that I want to filter out and since the excel file is not part of the output document stream, I cannot use the filter snap.

What is the simplest solution?

@JPaps you can try join snap (select Left Outer join ), and go to view tab and select “Route Error Data to Error View” also select “Unmatched data to error view”. Make use you use correct name of ID in both the side.

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Thanks for your help @Supratim your idea worked except I had to use Inner Join instead of Left Outer. Apparently the “Unmatched data to error view” property only does what it says when you are using an “Inner Join” as stated in the docs below:

I was able to achieve the titled objective by doing below:

  1. Using @Supratim’s recommendation except with the “Inner Join” option.
  2. Attaching my output document stream to the left side of the join.
  3. Attaching the excel file to the right side of the join.
  4. Attaching the write action of my output document stream to the error view of the join.