Flatten multilevel/nested JSON Objects and Arrays

Hello there,

Is there a way to flatten a nested JSON (multiple objects inside objects/arrays) without using a Script Snap?

Take this input for example:

   "msg":"Hello, World",

The output should look like this:

  "msg": "Hello, World",
  "fruits.cars2.1.audi": "else",
  "fruits.orange": 4,
  "num": 1,
  "fruits.cars.1": "audi",
  "fruits.cars.0": "bmw",
  "fruits.apple": 1,
  "fruits.cars.2": "dacia",
  "fruits.inner2.message": "found",
  "fruits.cars2.0.bmw": "something"

So every key name is constructed from the inner objects/arrays of key names delimited with “.” in the case of objects. In the case of arrays, the key name should also have the index number of the current item.

One way to do this is using the script snap using any available language. A function that loops through the root object and check the type of the current property. If it’s of type Object or array then I can call the function again.

I’ve tried using expression libraries but with no luck.

Any ideas?