Framework: Error Handling & Retry Patterns


  • When using error pipelines, DO NOT have any open output views in the error pipeline unless ultra needs one…

So how do I pass error information to client ?

How do you want to send the information?

Some Snaps don’t need an output view to deliver data, such as File Writer will write to a file and not need an output view.

In our case, we are exposing pipeline on REST so our client expects to see error when error occurs.

Hi Miller - Are there any predefined error handling frameworks available as sample that we can utilize in our current project ?

Have you looked at: Reference Implementation - Integration Pattern - Error Handling and Retry Pattern


We have a blog post posted on this topic on our website which i am sending the URL below. We cover most of the stuff you need to know about error handling and what are the best practices to implement in the pipelines for the error handling. If you have any further questions please be free to contact me

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