Get a list of scheduled tasks (name and scheduling details)

Hi All,

I’m looking for a Snap or API that will return a list of scheduled tasks with the task name and its scheduled time. I tried SnapLogic List snap which returns the task name but not the scheduled time. Is there any API I can use for this?

Ultimately I want to build a report of all scheduled tasks with their scheduled times like below.

Task 1, 3am daily
Task 2, 10pm weekly

Thank you,

Hi @wanlapa,

I have a solution that might work. This is a part of my pipeline where i get the list of all assets of a project and then filter on tasks and read those task in another snaplogic list. The pipeline below will explain it better. It give a lot of detail about the task and it start time and how many times it runs a day or a week.

I think when you play with the list you can get all the tasks of all projects I think. Haven’t tried it yet.


Get_MetaData_Tasks_2022_10_28.slp (8.2 KB)