Getting connection timeout error in XML Parser

Hi All,

I am getting connection time out error intermittently in xml parser while parsing the xml data. Can you please let me know the reasons behind this? and how to overcome this connection time out error?

Thanks in advance!

You may want to check up the file reader snap or the snap preceding the xml parser snap. The XML source reader might be having troubles. It kind of indicates to me that there is some kind of a network error going on.

the input data to the xml parser is same in both the cases (Failure and success). I am getting this intermittently. It is failing for two or three runs and will be successful in next run.

Hello @GBekkanti,

It is not the issue with the input data. It is the issue with where the input data is coming from. That is why I mentioned the problem could be either the file reader snap or any other snap that is used for reading the input data and passes the data to xml parser.

For example: If the snap that is reading the data from a network or a database that is not constantly up or intermittently slow, then it won’t be able to pass that data up to the XML Parser snap and finally XML Parser Snap will time out waiting for the data.

It would be good if you can share your pipeline or at least a screen shot of your pipeline to see how the data is coming.