Getting list index out of range setting up OAuth2 account for LinkedIn API

Getting back this response error when trying to Authorize, initializing the account. Response is from

“query_string”: “code=xxxxxx&state=xxx”,
“path”: “/api/1/rest/admin/oauth2callback/rest”,
“response_map”: {
“error_list”: [
“message”: “list index out of range”
“http_status”: “”,
“http_status_code”: 500

What does “list index out of range” refer to?

Note that the LinkedIn Snap Pack is no longer supported as of February 2020: SnapLogic Documentation

Thanks. I’m not using the LinkedIn snappack, just using the general Rest snaps.

Hi @gg433, are you defining your own state endpoint parameter value? If so, you can remove it as our platform generates its own. If not, you may need to share the details of your REST Account configuration (hiding any sensitive data)

yes, I was defining my own state value. I’ll try it without it. Thanks!

Excellent! I removed the state parameter and it worked! Thank you so much for your help.

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