Getting the Status from a REST call

Hi Folks,
I’m having trouble getting a proper handling from Snaplogic on a REST call.

So the rest call will return on success:
“MessageId”:“0101017165ec422f-dfa2bb38-faac-4c48-bcd7-0e2869d80fb6-000000”, …}

And on Error:

“entity”: "ERROR: An error occurred …

Thing is these are different - one is a dictionary and the other a string. So it fails badly when I check for entity error.

Is there a standard pattern for this?



This is what I have: $entity.toString().contains(“ERROR”)

Hi @TimBurns

The expression the router snap should look like this.

$entity instanceof Object


Anil Kumar

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Another option is to use the matches operator that can check a value against a pattern. The nice thing about this approach is that the pattern looks roughly like the value being matched and the type of the value is implicitly checked. So, an error won’t be raised if the value has an unexpected type.

For your first example:

The object pattern, { MessageId }, would only match objects that contain the property MessageId. The full expression would look like this:

$entity matches { MessageId }

For the second example:

A string pattern that uses the ... wildcard can check for a value with a prefix. The full expression would look like:

$entity matches "ERROR:"...

(Unfortunately, while there is documentation for the match operator, the documentation for matches seems to be missing at the moment. We’ll get that fixed)

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Thank you. That is cleaner.

$entity instanceof Object && “MessageId” in $entity

This is what I doing before and it was kind of icky.