Global Error Pipeline

We have a “Global Error Handler” pipeline called from every pipeline. We recently started seeing slowness in the Error Pipeline in the “Parameter Reader” snap. Also we recently noticed “Global Error Log Writer” snap is called even though the “Router” is returning false for “Write Error Log” view. This is happening even though we are not getting any errors. We would like to know if there is any change recently made to the the way Error Pipeline works. Image of the “Global Error Handler” attached.

Hi @mramaswamy ,
The reason for why the “Global Error Log Writer” is executed even though it shouldn’t if there is no error, it can be because in the Formatter snap before the File Writer there’s a setting called “Ignore empty stream”, this setting by default is not enabled and even though there’s no input data there, the Formatter is the one that will produce an empty output and the File Writer will be executed. To fix this just enable the setting and it shouldn’t execute the File Writer anymore.

Thanks for the Reply. I will try that. Parameter reader is always executed?

Yes, that’s a file reader and it is always executed in this case.