Google analytics

I am working with google analytics integration and have some query.

I saw there is only one google analytics read snap provided where I can select only one account id and one table id.

Question 1) Can I configure it dynamically for all accounts and all tables inside that? How?

Question 2) If I try to write write google analytics result in File Write, I want to keep the file name same as ‘Table Id’ field in Google Analytics means dynamically. How can we do it?

There may be other ways, but I would likely try:

  • Create the pipeline with the Google Analytics through to File Writer.
    • define variables for AccountID and TableID
    • set Account ID and Table ID to expressions (clicking the = button) and map them to their respective variables.
    • in the File Writer, set File Name to an expression and map it to Table ID.
  • Create a second pipeline with CSV Reader and Pipeline Execute
    • create a csv file to store all account ID-table ID pairs.
    • in Pipeline Execute, call the first first pipeline and map the CSV header labels to the Account Id and Table ID variables.
    • run this pipeline.

thanks @dmiller