Groundplex - REST Post Fails

We’re new to SnapLogic. We created a slick pipeline several weeks ago. That pipeline had a final REST Post that created an incident in a cloud-based ticketing system that we use.

Now I’m finding that none of my REST Posts in any of my pipelines work. The only thing I can think of that changed is that we’re now using a GroundPlex instead of a CloudPlex. Could that be the cause of my issues?

Anyone else seen this before?

Thanks in advance,


How is the pipeline failing? Do you receive a specific error message?

On one of my pipelines, I just see that it “failed to process HTTP response” but this pipeline used to execute in the past. Something changed that now prevents me from executing this pipeline.

Another pipeline I’m testing says: “failed to execute HTTP request”. There is another error further down that says: “ unknown error”…this could be an issue of whitelisting IP addresses because the server I’m trying to connect/post to is on AWS. I’ve seen/read the IP addresses for SnapLogic’s cloudplex nodes can be whitelisted on AWS servers. But I’m not sure how I would find the IP address for the groundplex nodes and white list those. (Although, I’m not sure this is the issue).

@mkramer, (Disclaimer: I don’t know your network setup; whether direct access, NAT, NAT pool, etc.)

If you have RDP or SSH access to your nodes, you can open a browser and search google with “what is my ip” to get your public IP address(es). Otherwise, if you don’t have remote access to your servers, see if the attached pipeline helps you identify your server IPs. You can’t specify the individual nodes to run on, so you may need to try multiple times and capture the data to a file or database over time; or manipulate active nodes
via node maintenance.
Get IP Address of Snaplex Node.slp (6.5 KB)