Group By Field to Mapper

I built a pipeline that pulls a table from Anaplan renames the fields, then selects some of the fields via a mapper to send in a table via an email. The email sender sends one email per line in the Anaplan import. I am trying to group emails by using the “group by field” snap. This snap seems to do what I want but I have having difficulty sending an email with all the fields showing in their own lines like they were before.
Example of Current formatting:

Example of desired formatting:

How should i be formatting the mapper after the group by field snap so that is gives each field of data its own cell and not place all the data for every project into a single cell?

If I understand correctly, you want to send 1 email per group. In the Email Sender Snap, there is a property called Table-data path where you can set it to $group. Also, set Batch size to 1 so that the Snap will send 1 email per group.

The sample pipeline is attached below.
Send Table Email with Group By_2019_06_29.slp (10.3 KB)

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