Group by N is not working in child pipeline

Hi ,

I have a requirement to combine the 4 JSON document into 1 document using the group by N snap. But group by N snap is not working as expected.
Below are screen shot of pipeline.


What are the two Mappers doing? It’s difficult to assess without knowing what the content looks like right before it comes into the Group by N Snap.

Hi ,

i have attached my pipeline for your reference.
SJ Group by N_2021_02_03.slp (3.5 KB) SJ new pipeline 0_2021_02_03.slp (5.2 KB)


Please find the attached sample pipelines:

SJ Group by N_2021_02_03 (1).slp (2.2 KB)
SJ new pipeline 0_2021_02_03 (1).slp (3.8 KB)

Hope this will work for you.

Spiro Taleski

Why did you put the Group By N in a child pipeline? If you merge the child pipeline into the parent pipeline it will work. Pipeline Execute invokes a separate child pipeline instance for every input document when the “Reuse…” checkbox is unchecked, so the Group By N will only receive one document.

Thank you all for the reply …It was really helpful