Group line item docs into a NetSuite item object (array)

I have a source table with invoice items and I’m trying to create a NetSuite invoice object, which contains a list of items. Has anyone a good way to accomplish this? I tried a group by fields but i end up getting multiple entries for the invoice level attributes also.

Hi Brian-

Did you find a solution for this, I am also dealing with this.


Hi Erik,

kind of have a work around for now, not sure how it will go going forward. I am trying to work out a meeting with snap expert and also netsuite gurus to find a permanent solution.

as for the work around, I am loading the line items one by one. first one has the ‘replaceAll’ flag set to true to overwrite all line items, then i load the remaining ones with the flag set to false. seems to be working but i still need to incorporate some custom fields which i am afraid may cause problems. i’ll be concentrating on that this week and also meeting with experts on both sides, so i’ll keep this post updated as to how it goes.

let me know how this works for you. thanks for the reply.


update: got it to work, seems i had a source field that didn’t match the spelling of the target field. this caused the field not to be included in the transaction. double check all your field names, especially as you’re building out the itemList array. working on getting custom fields for the itemList sorted out now…