Has anyone used the SOAP or REST Snaps to edit PeopleSoft data?

@mike.korcynski responded to this question once. Can you provide some more detail?

I believe that we can create a WSDL file via Integration Broker in Peoplesoft however as someone new to SnapLogic I am not quite sure how to approach the integration for POST/UPDATE scenarios (For e.g. add a new worker).

If anyone has done or attempted before. Please share your thoughts.

@Raph I think it should work as normal SOAP related integration pattern type.

  1. Use SOAP execute snap and upload WSDL (either manually or enter URL of WSDL).
  2. Once WSDL is uploaded successfully, Service Name, End point and Operation suggestion will come automatically , you have to choose endpoint, service name and the name of SOAP operation want to perform.
    3.Then click on customize envelope, it should automatically generate the payload/template like SOAP UI based on your selected operation.
  3. To test you can paste the sample payload there which might working in SOAP UI , with hard coded value.
    5.To test , please make sure you choose validate and execute option from snap execution dropdown, by default it’s execution only.
  4. If hard coded value is working, then use mapper before soap execute snap and pass the parameter value dynamically.
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Very detailed and clear @Supratim. Will work on implementation for a few hours with this method. Looks like the Solution.