Hostname not found error with ultra task

I have created an ultra task on our groundplex and is is running successfully. When we try to call the ultra task via a REST POST from our cloudplex we are getting the following error;

“reason”: “XXXXXXXXX: Name or service not known” (where xxxxxx is the feedmaster hostname)
“resolution”: “Please check the Snap properties.”
“status_code”: “error”

We have added the hostnames to the host file and our setup is one feedmaster and one execution node.

I have raised this issue with snaplogic support but I thought maybe somebody in the community has had the same problem?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Hi Richard,

Good day, have you tried running the rest post on groundplex?

Here’s a link regarding api/ultra task


Yes the task runs as a triggered task OK but as an ultra task it fails because it seems that the hostname that is provided in the URL is not recognised by SnapLogic. Our feedmaster is in our DMZ and not visible to the outside world. It is strange that for a triggered task Snaplogic provides an proper URL but for an ultra task the URL refer to an internal hostname?

Has anybody else got an Hybrid SanpLogic environment and is able to run ultra tasks in a groundplex?


By proper URL, do you mean an on-premise URL that has inbound access to one of your Groundplexes? Can you describe how your Groundplex can be accessed from outside your network?

One thing to watch out for, is that the Grounplex has two load balancer settings: one that can be used to load balance trigger task traffic and another that can be used to load balance ultra traffic. It is possible to use the same load balancer for ultra and trigger, if the load balancer only forwards traffic to the FeedMaster nodes.

Hi tlikarish,

I think the problem that we might have is how the firewall is directing the traffic to the load balancer (in this case not) but I have to wait for feedback from our technical guys.


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