How do I get connected with my Azure service bus

How can we create a azure service bus pipeline in Snaplogic. Please suggest as i’m new to this.

The REST Snap is your friend. I understand this has been used to connect to to produce and consume on the Azure Service Bus.

do we have any pipeline as an example to try?

Take a look at this video which one of my colleagues created. The pipelines he created are attached. We’ll try to get those added to the Patterns Catalog, if they are not there already!
There are some JavaScript files needed which are referred to in the script used.

AzureServiceBus_(Read_and_Delete)2018_11_06.slp|attachment (9.0 KB)
AzureServiceBus(Write)_2018_11_06.slp|attachment (9 KB)

They can also be found at: Azure Service Bus Integration