How to approach when we have array of data to be distributed as key value paired array


I am running lot of iterations, but not able to find the solution for below case :

Case :

Input is an array like below :
{ "olditem": [ { "id": "1" }, { "id": "2" }, { "id": "3" }, { "id": "4" }, { "id": "5" } ] }

This need to be mapped to output payload which has array with id keys as below
"{ "batch": [ { "row": "1" }, { "row": "2" }, { "row": "3" }, { "row": "4" }, { "row": "5" } ] }

Note : this elements can be at any hierarchy in the JSON payload. also id counts is dynamic

Can Anybody Help on this ?

Hi @vaidyarm,

I’ve put together a pipeline where I simulate your case. In it I propose two solutions. Assuming that the $olditem array is anywhere in the hierarchy of the input document:

  1. If you put jsonPath($,"$..olditem")[0].map(x=>{"row"}) in an Expression in a Mapper, and assign it to $batch Target Path, you should get the output you described.
  2. The second solution has 2 Mapper Snaps. In the first one, I extract $olditem from anywhere in the hierarchy and assign it to $batch. In the second Mapper, i designate $batch[*] as Mapping Root, and I proceed to remap the array elements.

Here’s the pipeline:
Array_key_value_pair_2020_07_01.slp (9.0 KB)



Thanks a Lot !!,

The root element approach greatly resolved most of the deep JSON Section problems.
one of the situations where I had multiple such cases,
Ex: hierarchy as main >> subsection >> item >> item details

started mapping the deepest section first using root path in mapper and finally the outermost part. it distributed the arrays as required