How to check the parameters passed from parent to child pipeline


I am running into a situation where when I submit one pipeline from a parent it runs but didn’t do the desired processing however when I run it individually it runs fine.

How do I get to know what parameters are passed from parent to child? and why does it don not work when calling from the parent pipeline? Is there any way to track it?

You can capture the parameters passed in the runtime by going to your child pipeline and viewing the Pipeline properties. Next to each property in the table is a checkbox called “capture”, which will store the value of the property that’s passed in to the child. You can view the captured value in the child pipeline’s execution statistics. See the extra details tab.

Hope this helps with your situation.

I am capturing the parameters but when I look at the child pipeline in execution statistics, it doesn’t show anything in extra details.

If there isn’t anything, then maybe the parent pipeline is missing configuration. Can you provide more information about the parent pipeline’s Pipeline Execute snap? If possible could you share your configuration?

@amit.saroha Remember all pipeline parameters are accessed with _ and not $